That Inner Voice

What does your inner voice say to you??

Join your host Jennifer McKenzie- The Conscious Living Coach as she delves deep into all things mental health and wellbeing. Break the silence- Break the stigma-Let's get talking about mental health and addiction.

Jen is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Anxiety Specialist, Reiki Teacher, Author and Speaker. Jen owns and runs Lunar Spirit Wellbeing where she and her team help people consciously create a happier healthier life- Mind/Body/Soul.

Jen will be joined by special guests for honest, raw, inspiring and motivational interviews, we will cover subjects including addiction, abuse, relationships, grief, trauma, anxiety depression and many more. Jen also opens up about her own struggles recovering from addiction, her spiritual awakening that saved her life and facing mental health head on!

You can expect to hear valuable tips that you can implement into your own routine to help you overcome life's challenges you may be facing.