That Inner Voice

"Who do you think you are?" Imposter!!

Episode Summary

Have you ever suffered with imposter syndrome? Have you had that little gremlin on your shoulder telling you you are not good enough? Then listen to Jen and Jo as they talk about their experiences with imposter syndrome, showing up authentically and being purpose driven passionate women in business.

Episode Notes

In this episode Jen talks with Jo Swann founder of Chocolate PR all about imposter syndrome.  Jo shares how she overcame imposter syndrome, completely changed the way she ran her business from working with big  corporate companies to working with passionate female entrepreneurs to help them use their story to grow their business with PR. Jo says "PR isn't just for the 'big boys" 

Jo also shares how owning and sharing your story empowers you but also helps others too, by getting out of your own way and showing up authentically will propel you in business. 


Jo is the the founder of Chocolate PR, an award winning PR agency she established 15 years ago, after working in journalism, media, marketing and PR agencies. She built the business up organically from scratch, and has over the years worked with companies of all sizes including the likes of Whistles, NSPCC, learndirect, Marriot Hotels, Yo! Sushi, Dale Carnegie, Skipton Building Society to name just a few, winning many awards along the way. BUT - a niggling feeling was always lurking, and when you know her you know that that her passion for PR goes further than just ticking a few corporate boxes.

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